'Computational Neuroscience of Prediction'

15-18 April, Rungstedgaard, North of Copenhagen, Denmark


Co-chairs: Peter Dayan, University College London, United Kingdom and Kerstin Preuschoff, University of Geneva & EPFL, Switzerland


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Prediction is a pervasive requirement for organisms to be able to prepare for and adapt to complex, changing and challenging environments. Prediction is affected by cognitive and computational factors including limited capacity attention, risk and uncertainty, and affective biases; and it is the topic of a wealth of neuroscience experiments ranging from behavioural studies to powerful new approaches such as optogenetics. In this workshop, we will examine the problems and prospects for prediction from the combined perspectives of experimental and theoretical neuroscience, psychology and economics.

The aim of this Brain Conference is to bring together world experts to discuss the major issues in the field.

Speakers overview

Alison Adcock, Duke University, USA
Peter Bossaerts, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Nathaniel Daw, Princeton University, USA
Peter Dayan, University College London, United Kingdom
Mauricio Delgado, Rutgers University, USA
Hanneke den Ouden, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, The Netherlands
Michael Frank, Brown University, USA
Claire Gillan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Jacqueline Gottlieb, Columbia University, USA
Laurence Hunt, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Quentin Huys, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Ian Krajbich, The Ohio State University, USA
Ifat Levy, Yale School of Medicine, USA
Marisela Morales, National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH, USA
Jill O'Reilly, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Marios Philiastides, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Drazen Prelec, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
Kerstin Preuschoff, University of Geneva & EPFL, Switzerland
Melissa Warden, Cornell University, USA
Catharine Winstanley, The University of British Columbia, Canada
Ilana Witten Princeton, Neuroscience Institute, USA
Michael Woodford, Columbia University, USA

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