The report shows that Danish Brain Research is doing well being placed in the top of a group of countries also comprising Germany, Sweden and Canada. However, there is room from improvement as the four other countries USA, Switzerland, UK and the Netherlands cluster in a group well ahead of the aforementioned countries. For all the countries, scientific output is steadily increasing over the years with Denmark having the highest relative growth of publication output.  The proportion of publications with international collaboration grows for all countries. In the latest two-year period the proportion for Denmark is 60% whilst Danish publications originating from a single institution are becoming fewer and with a declining impact. Since the financial crisis there has been a general decline in the number of publications coming out of public-industry collaborations. This is also so for Brain research. The development for Denmark is however pronounced as the decline seems to set in before the crisis and is markedly intensified in the period from 2009 until now. The most prolific funding sources of Danish Brain research measured through acknowledgements in publications are the Danish Research Council, Lundbeckfonden and the Danish National Research Foundation. It is noticeable that there are mutually strong links between these funding institutions.

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