Neuroscience in Denmark

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General information

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Neurobiology Research Unit, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet
Contact name
Gitte Moos Knudsen
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Professor, Chief Neurologist, DMSc, Center Director
8. July 2015
(Last edited: 7. March 2017)

Brief description of research activities

The mission of Neurobiology Research Unit (NRU) is to conduct translational neuroscience research on brain neurotransmission at an internationally competitive level with the aim to promote preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic advances. We make use of in vivo molecular, structural, and functional brain imaging to uncover disease mechanisms and risk correlates as well as to determine drug effects. Also, we make use of animal and cell models as well as human brain tissue to investigate drug effects and diagnostic value in the clinic. We bring discoveries from cells and animals into healthy volunteers and patients as early as possible.

Apart from Gitte Moos Knudsen. the NRU faculty consists of Professor Jens Mikkelsen (basic neuroscience), Chief Engineer Claus Svarer (data analysis), Professor Olaf B. Paulson (clinical neurology), Associate Professor Lars Pinborg (clinical neurology), PhD, MD Vibe G. Frøkjær (clinical psychiatry), and PhD Patrick Fisher (multimodality neuroimaging). Chief Technologist is Gerda Thomsen.

The activities within NRU fall in nine different categories:
1) Basic neurobiological and translational neuroscience research
2) Development and validation of new in vivo imaging probes
3) Neuropharmacological imaging research
4) Development and optimization of data analysis methods
5) Neuroimaging research studies of patients with neurological or psychiatric disorders
6) Diagnostic brain imaging of neurological patients
7) Neuropsychology research and neuropsychological testing
8) Education and training
9) Dissemination of results

We see our role at Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet and in the Capital Region of Copenhagen as a key unit to conduct innovative diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive neuropharmacological research. This takes place in close interaction with the hospital clinics, academia and industry enabling immediate subsequent implementation of prevention strategies, diagnostics and innovative drugs as well as non-pharmacological treatments of patients with brain disorders. NRU collaborates with many other national and international research institutes.

NRU has a large scientific output and is mainly funded by external grants. Our most important form of dissemination is through publications in high impact peer-reviewed journals. We also communicate our results at national and international meetings and contribute to textbooks within brain-related topics. Broader public dissemination is also prioritized.

NRU is a major training site for pre- and postgraduate students. We aim to attract physicians and people with other relevant educations to the neuroscience field and to educate and train research staff. We organize PhD courses and regular meetings and seminars.


Neurobiology, Neuroimaging, Experimental biology, Data analysis, Radioligand development, Neuropsychology, Brain disorders, Psychiatry, Neurology

Research tools and techniques

PET (HRRT), MR, MR-PET, and SPECT scanner facilities for molecular, structural, and functional brain imaging.
Well-equipped experimental laboratory facilities for basic neuroscience work (in vitro and in vivo).
PET and Cyclotron radiochemistry and PET nuclear pharmacy facilities for production of PET radiopharmaceuticals for use in humans.
Two sound-insulated rooms with facilities for neuropsychological and -physiological testing.
Access to facilities for animal housing, preparation and surgery at the Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen.

Scientific Personnel

No of Associate Professors/Postdocs: 14
No of PhD students: 10
Other: 29

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Scherfigsvej 7
2100 Copenhagen Ø
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