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Lipid group, Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology
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Harald S. Hansen
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1. March 2017

Brief description of research activities

Mass spectrometry imaging of the lipidome during brain ischemia.
We are studying markers for neuronal death (formation of N-acyl-phosphatidylethanolamine) and for phagocytosis (accumulation of bis(monoacylglycero)phosphate, which is located in late endosomes and lysosomes), as well as signaling lipids like lysophosphatidylserine, sphingosine-1-phosphate, resolvins, ceramide, ceramide-phosphate, N-acylethanolamines, endocannabinoids, N-acyl-taurines etc, in relation to inflammation and resolution of inflammation


lipids, N-acyl-phosphatidylethanolamine, bis(monoacylglycero)phosphate, palmitoylethanolamide, resolvins, endocannabinoids, lysophosphatidylserine, N-acyl-taurine, lysophosphatidylcholine, inflammation

Research tools and techniques

mass spectrometry imaging (collaboration with associate professor Christian Janfelt, Department of Pharmacy)

Scientific Personnel

No of Associate Professors/Postdocs: 0
No of PhD students: 0
Other: 2

Key references from within the last 5 years

Nielsen MMB, Lambertsen K, Clausen, BH, Bhandari D, Meyer M, Larsen ST, Poulsen SS, Spengler B, Janfelt C and Hansen HS. (2016) Mass spectrometry imaging of biomarker lipids for phagocytosis and signaling during focal brain ischemia. Scientific Reports 6; 39571.
Okutan S, Hansen HS, Janfelt C. (2016) A simplified approach to cryo-sectioning of whole mice for imaging of drugs and metabolites with Desorption Electrospray Ionizarion Mass Spectrometry Imaging. Proteomics, 16; 1633-1641.
Wellner N, Janfelt C, Diep TA, Hansen HS (2013) Acylation of ethanolamine phospholipids and its biological functions in mammals. Biochim Biophys Acta Mol. Cell Biol. Lipids. 1831; 652-662.
Janfelt C, Wellner N, Hansen HS, Hansen SH (2013) Displaced Dual-Mode Imaging with Desorption Electrospray Ionization for simultaneous mass spectrometry imaging in both polarities and with several scan modes. J Mass Spectrometry. 48; 361-366.
Janfelt C, Wellner C, Leger PL, Kokesch-Himmelreich J, Hansen SH, Charriaut-Marlangue C, Hansen HS (2012) Visualization by mass spectrometry of two-dimensional changes in rat brain lipids, including N-acylphosphatidylethanolamines, during brain ischemia. FASEB J 26; 2667-2673.
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