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International Diabetic Neuropathy Consortium at Aarhus University
Contact name
Troels Staehelin Jensen
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Director, Professor
1. March 2018

Brief description of research activities

I was previous head of the Danish Pain Research Center at Aarhus University, which for 25 years have carried out pain research at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. This position is now taken over by my successor Prof Nanna B. Finnerup. I am now in addition to being professor at the Department of Neurology, Aarhus University Director of the International Diabetic Neuropathy Consortium based at Aarhus University which connects 4 universities. Aarhus University, South Danish University, University of Michigan, US and Oxford University, UK to basically understand the pathophysiology of diabetic neuropathy and the pain sometimes associated with it. The program which runs for 6 years and with 3½ years more to go examines the vascular disturbances in experimental diabetic neuropathy, metabolomic and lipidomic changes in experimental and clinical diabetic neuropathy, Epidemiological aspects based on two lareg cohorts: the ADDITION cohort and the DD2 cohort. Various techniques simple as well as more soffisticated are used to characterize the clinical profile of diabetic neuropathy


Diabetic neuropathy, Pain; Clinical phenotypes; Metabolomics; Lipidomics; Morphological changes; Vascular changes

Research tools and techniques

clinical profiling; epidemiological techniques; Various Biochemical techniques; Two-Photon Microscopy, Optical coherence tomography, Experiemental models for neuropathy

Scientific Personnel

No of Associate Professors/Postdocs: 5
No of PhD students: 10
Other: 4

Key references from within the last 5 years

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