Prize Winners 2017

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The Brain Prize for 2017 is jointly awarded to Peter Dayan, Ray Dolan and Wolfram Schultz ‘for their multidisciplinary analysis of brain mechanisms that link learning to reward, which has far-reaching implications for the understanding of human behaviour, including disorders of decision-making in conditions such as gambling, drug addiction, compulsive behaviour and schizophrenia’

Prize Winners 2016

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The Brain Prize for 2016 is awarded to Timothy Bliss, Graham Collingridge and Richard Morris for their ground-breaking research on the cellular and molecular basis of Long-Term Potentiation and the demonstration that this form
of synaptic plasticity underpins spatial memory and learning.

Prize Winners 2015

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The Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation announced 9 March that The Brain Prize 2015 is jointly awarded to Winfried Denk, Arthur Konnerth, Karel Svoboda and David Tank for 'invention, refinement and use of two-photon microscopy to provide detailed, dynamic images of activity in individual nerve cells, dendrites and synapses, thereby transforming the study of development, plasticity and functional circuitry of the brain.'

Prize Winners 2014

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The Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation announced 10 March that The Brain Prize 2014 is jointly awarded to Stanislas Dehaene, Giacomo Rizzolatti and Trevor W. Robbins for ‘their pioneering research on higher brain mechanisms underpinning such complex human functions as literacy, numeracy, motivated behaviour and social cognition, and for their efforts to understand cognitive and behavioural disorders’

Prize Winners 2013

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The Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation announced 11 March that The Brain Prize 2013 is jointly awarded to Ernst Bamberg, Edward Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, Peter Hegemann, Gero Miesenböck and Georg Nagel for

'their invention and refinement of optogenetics. This revolutionary technique allows genetically specified populations of neurons to be turned on or off with light, offering not only the ability to elucidate the characteristics of normal and abnormal neural circuitry but also new approaches to treatment of brain disorders.'

Prize Winners 2012

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The Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation announced 12 March that The Brain Prize 2012 is awarded to
Christine Petit and to Karen Steel

'for their unique, world-leading contributions to our understanding of the genetic regulation of the development and functioning of the ear, and for elucidating the causes of many of the hundreds of inherited forms of deafness'.

Video excerpts from the Award Ceremony and The Brain Prize Meeting

Prize Winners 2011

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The Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation announced 4 March that The Brain Prize 2011 is jointly awarded to three Hungarian scientists, Péter Somogyi, Tamás Freund and György Buzsáki,

‘for their wide-ranging, technically and conceptually brilliant research on the functional organization of neuronal circuits in the cerebral cortex, especially in the hippo¬campus, a region that is crucial for certain forms of memory’.

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