The Brain Prize Academy is a forum for present and previous prize winners of The Brain Prize established in order to further execute the aims of the Foundation. Mandate Members of The Brain Prize Academy act as ambassadors for the Prize and give advice to the Board of Directors. 

Members of the Academy must take care to be true to the purpose of the Foundation and the principles underlying the prize awards.


All recipients of The Brain Prize from the inaugural award in 2011 onwards will be invited to join the Academy.


The Academy elects a chairman and a vice-chairman from among its numbers.

The chairman is Professor Karen Steel – prize winner 2012, the vice-chairman is Professor Tamás Freund – prize winner 2011 


Members act as ambassadors for The Brain Prize by

• being proponents of excellence in brain research

• promoting outstanding brain research in Europe and elsewhere

• promoting international collaboration in the field of brain research

• being advocates for the principles underlying awards of The Brain Prize 

Members assist the Board of Directors by

• giving advice on the selection of new members of the Selection Committee

• giving advice on matters pertinent to the fulfillment of the aims of the Foundation

Members are expected to nominate candidates for The Brain Prize.


Members of the Academy might be invited to meet with the Board of Directors in order to perform their duties and will be invited to join the Prize Award Ceremony which is scheduled as a two days event each year in May in Copenhagen

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